Modern Foreign Language

Modern Foreign Languages at Smallwood


Introducing children to foreign languages at a young age is of particular benefit as it is the age at which they are naturally more receptive to language learning. Language lies at the heart of ideas about individual identity and community and learning another language helps to shape children's understanding of the world. It gives them a new perspective on their own language and it enhances their sense of confidence. It prepares them for participation in a rapidly changing environment in which work and other activities are often conducted in languages other than English.


French Curriculum Teaching

French is taught at Smallwood, by a subject specialist to all KS1 and KS2 pupils. Lessons are taught fortnightly, through a wide range of fun and engaging activities that are accessible to all children. The emphasis throughout both key stages, is on speaking and listening. At KS2, reading and writing in French are also introduced in order to help children in their transition to secondary school.



Speaking and listening skills are assessed in class by the teacher and KS2 written skills through book scrutiny. Assessment is recorded on an online tracker at KS2.



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