Teaching Emotional Intelligence and Well Being


At the heart of every great community, there are good people.

We teach our pupils to be kind, openhearted and empathetic. We help them learn about their own feelings and what makes them feel great and not so great. We help them imagine what it is like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Our pupils develop a clear sense of social responsibility and this means learning about the needs, desires and aspirations of others.

At Smallwood, we believe it is important to understand the many sides of today’s complex problems. Working with others to achieve mutual goals means listening to others as well as developing and articulating your own perspective.

From the moment children begin their journey through school, we focus on social and emotional development and we don’t stop.


We have a three-tiered graduated approach to supporting mental health and well being here at Smallwood CE Primary Academy.

Every child is taught the skills they need to be emotionally literate, self-aware and mentally well. The level of support each child needs to achieve these skills will depend on any barriers to learning and the level of social intelligence the child has when they join the school and what they remember as they move through the school. We can increase and blend support to ensure every child has the social and emotional skills to achieve their potential. 


At the core of each of these approaches is the importance of giving children an emotional vocabulary, the time and space to listen and reflect on how they feel and a set of tools to help them move to a more positive set of feelings when sadness, frustration, anger, loneliness, grief are experienced.

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